Develop Your Leadership and Communication Skills


BarOn EQ-i®

Want to develop your EQ? Get started by completing this online assessment. The BarOn EQ-i® is a scientifically validated test of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ is a set of skills that we use to manage our emotions wisely, using our interactions with others in ways that maximize the chances of influencing others constructively. The assessment covers competencies such as assertiveness, effective decision making, stress resilience, and interpersonal communication skills. A high EQ distinguishes average leaders from great leaders.


This assessment can be completed for your individual growth and development, or it can be bundled with a workshop for your team. In both cases, participants will receive a one-on-one coaching session and debrief, and will create a personal action plan to strengthen and develop their EQ.

BarOn EQ-i 360®

Take Your EQ Assessment to the next level with a 360! With the Bar-On EQi 360, up to 50 raters, including your managers, colleagues, employees, clients, and friends and family will have the opportunity to provide you with valuable feedback. Do friends and family rate you differently on this scale than your employees? You will have an opportunity to compare rater groups. This allows you to see how you might behave differently in different environments and provides one of the most comprehensive 360 feedback tools available on the market.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI provides insight into our social orientation, how we gather information, make decisions, and make sense of our environment. This assessment provides a terrific platform for discussions about how our work habits are shaped by our personalities, and hilights how we can leverage our differences to be stronger as a team. This is an excellent assessment to use as the base for a team building session.


Take it to the next level with a Step II report. The Step II goes beyond identifying your basic Type; it explores the facets that build your Type and provides a much more nuanced understanding of your natural preferences. It also relates your profile to Communicating, Making Decisions, Managing Change, and Managing Conflict.

Thomas Kilman Conflict Inventory

Effective conflict management is a critical leadership and teamwork competency. Understand how your preferred conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics. Add more tools to your toolkit. This assessment can be completed individually, as part of a workshop on managing conflict effectively, and as the basis for a fun team building session.

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