Managing Conflict Effectively

Supervisors, leaders, and front-line workers have at least one thing in common: at some point, they will need to manage conflict. People have three natural responses to conflict: withdrawing, attacking, and defending. In this one-day workshop, we examine these tendencies, discuss the physiological responses to conflict, and provide participants with the tools and strategies they need to communicate honestly, clearly, respectfully and empathetically.

Supervising in a Unionized Workplace

Designed for new supervisors or employees on a development path in a unionized workplace, this 2 day workshop will cover the basics. Supervisors will learn about the role of the Shop Steward, how to read and interpret the Collective Agreement, manage grievances and manage performance. We will also make the distinction between a workplace practice and a workplace obligation under the collective agreement. Participants will be engaged by working through real scenarios, and recent decisions by the BC Labour Relations Board will be discussed.

Supervising in a Non-Union Workplace

Designed for new supervisors or employees on a development path in a non-union workplace, this 2 day workshop will cover all the basics: conducting effective job interviews, managing performance, and terminating employees.  Participants will be engaged by working through real scenarios. Recent decisions by Human Rights tribunals and the Employment Standards Branch will be discussed.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

What will it take to move your leadership team to the next level?

Leaders with a high EQ have been shown to add as much as 127% more value to the bottom line of their organizations, compared to leaders with average EQ. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, describes the set of skills that we use to manage our emotions wisely, using our interactions with others in ways that maximize the chances of influencing others constructively. This workshop package bundles a half-day workshop with the EQ Assessment plus individual debriefing sessions with each of the participants. Your team will learn how to use their strengths and develop strategies to address potential weaknesses. Combine this with the 360 EQ-i Assessment for even more impact.

Teambuilding With the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator

Do the Personalities on Your Team Work Well Together?

Every one of us has a unique personality - but we often expect other people to behave and react the same way we do. Different approaches to work can create miscommunication and conflict, unless we understand the value of the differences. This workshop helps member of your team understand their own natural preferences, as well as the preferences of their colleagues. Identify areas of strength and weakness for your team, explore sources of potential conflict, and develop plans to create a productive workplace for all the personalities on your team! This workshop is built on the MBTI "Step 1" assessment. For supervisory and leadership teams, upgrade to the "Step 2" assessment which provides an overview of your type as well as a more detailed report on how your type contributes to communication, decision making, and change leadership.

Rules of Engagement

Do you want to avoid negative and counterproductive conflict in your team? Develop a Team Charter!

When individual team members have different expectations regarding processes, communication, information sharing, and protocols, conflict can erupt.  Team Charters are documents that define the purpose of the team, how it will work, and what the expected outcomes are. They are “roadmaps” that teams create to ensure that everyone knows where they’re heading, how to get there, and what to do when times get tough. Ideal for newly formed teams, team charters also help teams that are already experiencing internal conflicts.


Putting the "I" Back in Team

What makes an effective team? A group of individuals who work well together. Workshop participants will learn the characteristics of good team players, and assess their individual strengths and contributions as team members. Participants are challenged to identify their own negative and counter-productive behaviours, such as blaming, procrastination, envy,  and victim thinking, and learn that by focusing on themselves instead of others, they can build a positive work environment.

The Art of De-Escalation

Do your front-line employees deal with challenging customers or clients?

Some people don’t have great communication and negotiation skills. Front-line workers often have clients who use anger, hostility, intimidation and threats to get their needs met. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn to recognize manipulative behaviour, read body language and use their own body language to calm others, assess situations for risk to personal safety, and use assertive communication skills to create positive outcomes.   


From Here to There: Strategic Planning in a Nutshell

Running your business without a strategic plan is like going on holiday without a specific destination. It can be a wild ride, but you may not get as far as you'd like, and miss key opportunities. At the end of this one-day workshop, participants will be able to describe all the key elements of an effective strategic plan, assess support for the plan, and apply three rules of effective delegation to ensure the plan is implemented successfully. Warning: some of the activities in this workshop can lead to excessive laughter and sticky hands!

Embracing Diversity

Is Your Workplace Ready? Employers are tapping into labour pools that have historically been underemployed - newcomers to Canada, aboriginals, and people with disabilities. Creating a welcoming workplace involves more than just avoiding Human Rights complaints. In this one-day workshop, we will identify the benefits and challenges of the increasing diversity in our workplaces, address unconscious and indirect discrimination, as well as important Human Rights cases in Canada. Participants will identify some of their own biases, engage in a frank conversation about "politically correct" language, and consider ways to make their workplace more welcoming. 

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Looking for a Workshop that is Interactive and Engaging?

Zelda is a professional and thoughtful facilitator. She led our workshop with authenticity and enthusiasm.

Participant, MBTI workshop


A really interesting day, full of relevant and useful , enlightening information. Lots to think about and implement

Participant, The Art of Deescalation

Zelda was very good explaining, very patient. Understanding of our concerns, she is a very genuine person. Excellent teacher! Fun! 


Zelda allowed all to participate and all participants feel valued. Fabulous instructor! 

Participants, Interpersonal Communication Skills

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